Reduce Login Friction

Login and registration forms are an essential part of any websites, yet they could always be faster, without compromoising security and user experience.

Login With AJAX provides multiple solutions to this problem:

AJAX Forms

Every login, registration and password recovery interaction requires a full page load with normal login forms, providing a slower experience and increased burden on your server resources.

AJAX forms send and loads only the required information to proceed with the login/registration process, providing faster loading times, lower bandwidth usage and consuming less server resources.

Next-Generation Authentication

Revolutionize user security effortlessly with PassKeys, synchronized flawlessly across all modern browsers and devices. Backed by leading global tech companies and standardized via FIDO Alliance and W3C, you can offer your users the latest in secure login technology, making usernames and passwords a thing of the past!

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2FA & MFA Innovation

We offer traditional 2FA verification methods along with some innovative twists. AJAX-powered 2FA means no page reloads, blazing fast reaction times and

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Layers of Security

Add extra layers of security to the authentication process, which work together. Limit failed login attempts, check reCaptcha scores, and reuquire extra verification when these layers flag suspicious logins!

Login With PassKeys

Join the login revolution and integrate PassKeys into your site, a secure yet convenient way to log in, quickly, and with AJAX!

Adopted and backed by some of the biggest names in the tech industry.

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Personalize Your Login

Customize your login by choosing from our multiple templates, or create/modify your own! Choose from a base color scheme, what appears and how the form behaves with the many options.

Each login form can have its own template and settings, meaning you can provide entirely different login screens for different parts of your site.

Multiple 2FA/MFA Integrations

Integrate with multiple 3rd-Party 2FA services providing authentication methods, from messaging to authentication apps.

Use our innovative click-to-approve buttons on Telegram and WhatsApp, eliminating the use of traditional cut/paste codes!

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AJAXify other Login Forms

We "AJAXify" other login forms and add 2FA/Passkey settings to third party WP plugins:

  • Login Forms
  • Regular WP Login Admin
  • WooCommerce
  • Events Manager
  • 2FA/Passkey Setings
  • BuddyPress
  • BuddyBoss
  • WooCommerce
  • More to come...

Built and Maintained Since 2009

First released in 2009, countless updates and new features, rest assured you're using a plugin developed with experience and expertise.




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Who Are We, What We Do

Login With AJAX is a WordPress plugin for enhancing the login and registration experience on your WordPress site and is available for free on the repo. It was originally created and released in 2009 as a labour of love.

Due to the rising popularity of the plugin, the amount of time required to provide support and maintain the plugin accordingly has required a larger investment of time. Therefore, a decision was made to provide a premium add-on, Login With AJAX Pro, which was released in early 2022 enables us to continue providing free support and updates whilst also catering to the large demand for new features and premium support.

Our main mission goals are as follows:

  • Share solutions with others to help them build better websites.
  • Provide a robust free, maintained and supported login plugin (going strong for the past 14+ years!).
  • Ensure all our code adheres to WordPress coding standards, secure, well documented and flexible for developers to customize and extend.
  • Create a great value-added premium add-on to help fund future development.