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AJAX Effects

Submit forms without page reloads, speed up the login process and consume less server resources.

Password Recovery
PassKeys Logins

Use the latest in passwordless login technology to allow users to login securely with a single click.
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One-Click Login
Biometric Phone Verification
Wide Cross-Browser Support
Sync PassKeys Across Devices
Login from another device
USB-key Support
2FA and MFA Security

Add an extra layer of security to your account, leveraging our smooth AJAX-driven UIs. Provide a secure, fast and resource-optimized login experience!
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Customizable Grace Periods
Custom 2FA Policy Options
Easy Setup Wizards
BuddyPress Integration
WooCommerce Integration
BuddyBoss Integration
2FA and MFA Methods

Enable multiple 2FA methods, and allow users to select multiple methods, preventing account lockouts, reducing admin overheaed.

2FA Email
2FA Apps (TOTP)
Backup Codes
SMS via Twilio
WhatsApp via Twilio
WhatsApp (direct)
Additional Security Features

Complementary security measures which integrate with our other security mechanisms.

reCaptcha (v2 and v3)
Login Limiter
AJAXify Login/Registration Forms

Convert native WordPress and 3rd Party login forms into AJAX-ready login forms. Improve the user experience, speed up logins and reduce server loads.

Default WP Login
WooCommerce Logins
Events Manager
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Custom Login/Logout redirections
Custom Redirects
Redirect by Role
WPML Language Redirects
Multiple display methods and options

A multitude of ways to display your login forms throughout your WordPress sites!

Gutenberg/Editor Blocks
PHP Template Tags
PHP Functions
Divi Module
Elementor Widget
Other Features
Flexible Templates
MultiSite Compatible
WPML Support
Modify Registration Emails
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