This page provides an overview about what our support covers and what it does not. Please read our full terms and conditions for further information.

Support for Login With AJAX Pro and related licenses is only available via our private support area. We do not provide email support, nor will we provide support for the Pro plugin via the free support forums for Login With AJAX.

Support Hours and Response Times

The support forums are monitored Monday - Friday excluding major holidays.

Our support hours are based around CET (GMT+1) working hours, which is defined as 9am to 5pm. However, since our support team - and many of you too - are spread around the world in different time zones, we are often available at our own discretion a few hours before/after these time limits.

Please allow 1-2 working days for a reply to your questions. We strive to provide responses in far less time than this (we aim to reply within hours or less).  This refers to response times from our support staff and does not guarantee that issues will be resolved within these time frames.

Scope of Support

What we are happy to help you with

Support below is limited to Login With AJAX, Login With AJAX Pro and other additional plugins we create that work with Login With AJAX

  • Helping you troubleshoot problems you may have installing or using the plugin by providing advice or pointing you to relevant documentation or tutorials where appropriate.
  • Providing clarification on any issues regarding what our plugin can (and cannot) do.
  • Providing general advice (within reason) on how you could use our plugin to achieve your desired outcome.
  • Helping you identify incompatibilities with third party plugins and themes.
  • If you discover a bug, we will work with you to reproduce it and fix the bug in a timely manner.

What we reserve the right to help you with

We strive to go above and beyond when providing support, however there are limits to how much we can help you in specific situations.

Since WordPress is open source software, the possible combinations of plugins, themes, settings and servers they are hosted on are endless. Therefore, we reserve the right to help you with problems you may be experiencing due to 3rd party plugins and themes as well as environments that do not adhere to the WordPress minimum requirements.

Login With AJAX and Login With AJAX Pro are very flexible pieces of software which can be extended in countless ways by developers to change the look and functionality. We reserve the right to help you troubleshoot issues resulting in custom coding or creating custom code to achieve behaviours that do not come as part of the standard plugin.

We also reserve the right to provide you with support for WordPress-related issues or customizations. Whilst we're usually happy to provide a couple of lines of code when possible, or point you to the right developer documentation we cannot guarantee this level of support.

In these cases that fall outside the scope of our support policy, we recommend you hire a developer who can help you with your specific requirements. Some places to look for help are or workplace websites such as

What our support does not cover

  • Fixing, customizing or supporting any 3rd party plugins or themes.
  • Fixing, customizing or supporting any code you or another developer created to change the behaviour of our plugins.
  • Fixing bugs on outdated plugin versions, please ensure you are updated on the latest version of the plugin.
  • Providing support for our plugin if you have modified these files directly.
  • Creating custom code to change the behaviour or look in our plugin.
  • Committing to deadlines for adding additional features you or other users may request.
  • Troubleshooting server issues not related to our plugin, please contact your hosting provider.