We have migrated license systems, whilst in most cases, you'll not notice the difference when upgrading, there may be some instances where you're not able to update due to licensing errors.

What has changed?

Previously we had one license key for all your sites, which is not ideal especially in cases where freelancers and agencies are managing multiple websites via a dev account. From now on, each website you have registered will have its own license key. That's pretty much it...

If I do not renew my license, can I still activate the plugin on my site?

Your plugin will always remain activated, even if you do not renew your access to updates and support. This includes if you need to reinstall the plugin, or move websites. You can transfer your plugin license from one site to another by deactivating it on one site and activating it on the other. If you are using Login With AJAX Pro or earlier and do not renew, you should still keep using the old license key as well.

What happens to the old license key?

We will be phasing the old key out over the coming months, as users update their plugin to versions that use our new system ( +). The legacy key will only work for sites using Login With AJAX Pro and earlier so that they can still be automatically updated. After a longer period of time, we may also stop supporting automatic updates using older keys.

What about sites we use to test, should I register those?

Yes! Dev sites don't count towards your license usage. We allow you to use Login With AJAX Pro on 1 testing/dev/staging site per production site in your license. When you install Login With AJAX Pro or any other add-on by us on your website, please make sure it is activated under as a dev site. Previously, we did not enforce a limit on dev sites, so if you were previously using more than one dev site, please let us know and we can make an exception. This only applies to sites previously using EMP or earlier.

I'm getting license errors, yet I'm only using 1 license!

During the transition, you may find your license key is not valid any more. There's a few reasons why this may happen, in most cases they are not a problem in terms of license infringement.

Check your licenses page first

Firstly, make sure you visit our licenses page, and try adding the site directly there. It's possible you may find sites registered there that you forgot about, or were unaware of. Please deactivate the ones you're not using.

Sites not properly configured for SSL

If your site is using https:// make sure your site URLs are correctly configured. This is common for older sites that previously used http:// and may even help you with other SSL-related issues you may not be aware of (or future ones). To check/fix this, go to your Dashboard > Settings > General and make sure both WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) are correct. Over the past few years, SSL has become commonplace, if not strongly recommended/required for SEO purposes, resulting in hosts and websites simply redirecting users to an https:// address. whilst never properly updating your settings page.

Get in touch

If you're still not managing to get this working, we're here to help! Please contact us directly on [email protected] quoting your username and the website you're having issues with. For security reasons, we can only communicate with the email address registered to the account in question.